Delusion is an experience one will not soon forget.

Touted as “the future of live entertainment” and “the single greatest event in LA” this moving play immerses you in a living, breathing world as you play your part in a psychologically disturbing tale of horror, suspense, mystery and adventure. You will interact with actors, perform actions, retrieve objects, solve mysteries, choose paths and sacrifice yourself if need be to further the story along.

With an original score, professional actors and movie quality stunt work, how far will you let yourself go to fully realize your journey into the darkness and beyond?

The Experience

What would it be like to actually be a character in a horror and suspense film? Movies and traditional theatre do wonders playing with one’s imagination but actual immersion truly captivates an audience. Jon Braver created Delusion in 2011 after becoming disillusioned with traditional haunted house fear tactics year after year. Jon thought what would be more terrifying and uniquely fun than to create an interactive “moving” play where the audience becomes key players in the twisted tale!

Delusion’s mission is to re-imagine and re-define live theatre by creating psychologically disturbing, interactive experiences that incorporate the audience into the story as characters. These characters must perform certain actions to move the story forward. Using an innovative blend of suspenseful storytelling, a chilling original score and professional actors and stuntmen, Delusion creates an experience not to be found anywhere else in the world.

How it Works

In order to avoid long wait times, timed ticketing is the key to spreading out the crowd. As the audience arrives, you are given a show-themed label (e.g. hospital bracelets, a stamp/tattoo, etc.). You are then led to the lounge to await your assigned show time. At the appropriate time, an usher finds your group by using the label given at arrival. Groups of 10-12 enter the 50-55 minute experience every 15 minutes. Various characters lead you through the play, all the while speaking with and urging you on as characters in the captivating story.


“The show is beautiful: well-crafted, well-acted, well-directed…   of all the Halloween shows in Los Angeles,   Delusion is the crown jewel.”

“Delusion has created a genre in interactive horror theater that no one has come close to beating. The attention to detail, production value, and level of absolute excellence they have achieved is unmatched.”

“…truly a play that no person should miss. It is this brief moment where you get to escape the mundane and explore a world of monsters…  it was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced.”

“Hottest ticket in town. Delusion’s story is gothic atnd twisted …its scares driven by psychology.”

“…one could go to Delusion multiple times and not have the same experience twice…  Braver & Co. have become the undisputed kings of the haunted attraction.”

“It might be the scariest play you’ve ever seen, because you are in it. It’s a psychological thriller that tests your courage. It is sure to keep you up at night.”

“Delusion is one of the most thrilling and innovative experiences I participated in this Halloween season. And I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to see it.”

“From the exceptional score and the expertly done FX (including wirework and other stunts), to the immensely talented cast and exciting concept, this event is truly unique and should be a no-brainer for anyone looking for the single best horror event in Los Angeles.”


Ticket Issues? Contact Flavorus:1-855-2-FLAVOR or help@flavorus.com
General Information:info@enterdelusion.com
Press Information:jon@enterdelusion.com

Jon Braver
Jon is known for, among other credits, his work on several blockbusters: The Dark Knight Rises, Gangster Squad, Ironman, Transformers 3, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He has worked with some of the top directors and producers in Hollywood. Jon’s extensive resume culminates in his author work; Delusion. He marries his stuntwork expertise, love of classic horror/suspense films such as The Shining and Aliens and a passion for live theater to create the first ever interactive horror theatre company. Jon’s healthy understanding of what truly terrifies people has resulted in creating Delusion’s psychologically disturbing, live theatre experience. He demonstrates an unusual range of talent and keen ability to deliver a creative vision.

Producers:Glendell Entertainmentglendell@enterdelusion.com
Brandon Wardell and Sarah Glendening: a husband-and-wife team that, when combined, includes Producing credits on four Grammy-nominated albums, Tony Award-winning Porgy and Bess, and five Tony-nominated shows including  Broadway’s Catch Me If You Can, Evita, The Best Man, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Glendell has also been on the Production Team of Accomplice the Show which takes place in Hollywood, London and New York since 2008. Glendell came onboard in 2012 for Delusion: The Blood Rite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Haunted House or Escape Room?
Oh no, this is interactive horror theatre! The first of its kind actually. Enter our world and become a character in a psychologically disturbing, moving play. And like a play there is no talking unless engaged in conversation! You will be swiftly removed from the play if you disturb or disrupt the experience in ANY way. No joke. And zero tolerance.
Tell me about the venue.
Exact location will be announced in 2016.
Is it a new play this year?
There is no new play in 2015.Get on the mailing list for news, updates and advance tickets. Subscribe here.
What should I wear?
VERY IMPORTANT: You will be running, crawling, and climbing stairs. Absolutely NO HIGH HEELS, NO MASKS, NO PERSONAL BELONGINGS. Wear nothing that would impede your movement. You will be asked to place your belongings (except for cell and wallet) in your car. We can’t have anyone carrying their purse or other personal items into the show.  WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES and CLOTHES you don’t mind getting a bit scuffed and dirty! Seriously! This warning isn’t heeded very well every year! Please pay close attention to it! It is an outdoor/indoor event so bring a sweater or jacket.
How long is the play? How many people per group? What’s the format?
The play is approximately 50-55 minutes long (time varies a bit due to the interactivity and improvisation). To preserve the intimacy of the experience, we try very hard to stick to 10 people per group. A new group begins the play every 15 minutes.
Are you serving alcohol? Or any other drinks and/or food?
What rules must I follow while visiting Delusion?

We have a few basic rules which must be followed at all times:

  • Absolutely NO CELL PHONE use during the play.  You can be REMOVED FROM THE PLAY WITH NO REFUND if you use your phone. Just check it in with your bag and enter the world unimpeded. You wouldn’t use your phone during a play would you??!!
  • NO TALKING during the play UNLESS you are engaged in conversation with an actor.
  • Do not touch any stuntmen, actors, or staff at any time…UNLESS asked to.
  • Do not bring any weapons, alcoholic beverages, or pets onto the property.
  • Respect other customers and employees; no rude or lewd behavior, defacing property, etc.
  • No smoking on the property (per LA County Fire Code)
How scary is Delusion?
This depends on how far you let yourself go. To fully realize the world of Delusion, your mind must release you from the constraints of rational thought. Allow yourself to enter a world of horror, mystery and adventure… leaving your former life behind. Some of you will be asked to perform certain actions to further the story so a strong mind will be necessary. But in the end, it’s all great fun! After the show, people held each other, laughed and were dying to go again!
Where is the venue?
Location to be announced in 2016.
How much time should I allocate for the evening?
You should allow 2 hours for the whole experience. This should account for everything from parking, checking in, the lounge,  waiting for your show time, THE SHOW, and after…decompression!
Is there an age restriction?
NO ONE UNDER 17 will be admitted.
Any warnings I should know about?
Besides reading the “What Should I Wear” section above, please know that during the show you will be CRAWLING, CLIMBING STAIRS, and HIDING in tight spaces. We do not recommend the play for anyone with heart conditions, pregnant women, epileptics, or the faint of heart. There will be theatrical lighting, eerie music, loud sound effects, strobe lights, haze, and stunts happening all around you. Please be aware that there are NO REFUNDS whatsoever.
Is the venue handicap accessible?
What are the dates and times?
I am underage, can I attend with a guardian?
Absolutely no one under 17 admitted, no exceptions.
Do you have discounts?
Can I take pictures or video?
Before the show begins, sure…while at the show, NO WAY! Check-in your phone!
How long is the wait in line?
Wait times will vary depending on the night of your visit. Our tickets are timed so there will hopefully not be too long a wait…but remember that the lounge is PART OF the experience so get there early and stay after…it’ll be worth it, trust us!
What happens if I break the rules?
All rules are strictly enforced for the safety of our guests. Anyone violating the rules may be asked to leave the property with or without warning, and without refund.
Where can I park?
Will Delusion close if it rains?
We are open rain or moonshine. In the event of a torrential downpour we reserve the right to reschedule the show for another night OR refund your ticket if all other nights are sold out or cannot accommodate. We will do our best to post an update on the home page of this website in the event of torrential downpour. Be sure to refresh your page for the most current information.
How can I join the crew of Delusion?
Go to Contacts and email Jon Braver a bit about yourself and what you’re interested in and he will contact you.
I have problems with my ticket, can you help me?
Contact Flavorus at 1-855-2-FLAVOR or help@flavorus.com.
Can I change/refund my ticket?
NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS ALLOWED. Tickets are transferable so feel free to make an exchange through a 3rd party. In addition, Haunted Play reserves the right to remove a person from the premises with NO REFUND if at any time they feel this person is a danger to others, or disruptive to the theater experience.