Delusion 2011

In 2011, the company rented a dilapidated, 107 year old mansion near downtown Los Angeles. Delusion’s story was set in 1910, telling the tale of the psychiatry taken too far.

The brilliant and now banished psychiatrist, Dr. Frederick Lowell, took seclusion in a decaying mansion where he could continue his dark experiments in peace. The audience played the part of Dr. Lowell’s hated colleagues; those who banished Frederick long ago. In the unfolding story, the lead character and audience fended off patients that crawled on the ceilings, leapt up stairways and occupied their minds. In the end, the lead character turned on the audience and sought to use them to fully realize Dr. Lowell’s great work.

Written and Directed by Jon Braver

Produced by Pink Cloud Events / Sarah Shewey