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Is this a haunted house or an escape room?

Short answer, no. But let a Delusion fan explain further: “If you’re looking for jump scares, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re looking for a fully engaging interactive horror experience that takes you through a roller coaster of a story, then this is the play you need to see.” Well said Delusional! Think of this as a moving play. Enter our world and become a character in the haunting tale. This is interactive theatre. An eerie story told in the way only Delusion can. Many guests return multiple times to fully engage with the story, action and characters since there are branching narratives. There is much depth to this experience if you’re willing to simply let go.

How scary is Delusion?

The play is more of an adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones but how scary it is depends on how far you let yourself go. To fully realize the world of Delusion, your mind must release you from the constraints of rational thought. Allow yourself to enter a world of adventure and mystery… leaving your former life behind. Creator Jon Braveralways says he’s not out to scare the hell out of people. He simply wants to tell/show an eerie, compelling story in a unique way. Delusion is beautiful, horrifying, suspensful and adventurous. But in the end, it’s all great fun! After the show, people held each other, laughed and were dying to go again!

Any warnings/emotional

triggers I should know about?

Yes! Must read before purchasing. Physically demanding show. First off, if you or any member of your party has particular requirements, please inquire before purchasing tickets and we will address your inquiry immediately. There can be no guarantee that requirements can be met if notified at the experience. Due to the nature of the play and its location, we do NOT recommend the play for anyone with existing injuries, heart conditions, pregnant women, epileptics, claustrophobics or the faint of heart. While it is difficult to know how any one story point, effect or even music cue might effect one or another, we can tell you that the play has the following effects and activities: light physical touch, fog, strobe lights, tight spaces, climbing stairs and stones, stunts, sound of gunfire and prop guns, WWII/Nazi Era propaganda and paraphernalia, loud music and sound effects, and creepy imagery. Please be aware there are NO REFUNDS whatsoever. Again, if you have any questions or concerns please email BEFORE purchasing a ticket.

How long is the play?

How many people per group?

The play is a little over an hour (time varies a bit due to the interactivity). We are also dropping our group size to 8 people max. Much more intimacy but far fewer tickets available per night! A new group begins the play every 20 minutes. But come early to enjoy the delusion lounge and prepare for your adventure.

Is there a cell phone policy?

Strict. We want our guests to fully realize their journey. To stay present. Unencumbered. To that end, when you being the play you will be asked to check in your coats, bags, wallet/purse, phone and watches. Your belongings will be stored until the end of the experience. Again, you are not allowed to bring your phone into the venue under any circumstances. If you cannot abide by these rules, that are meant to enhance the experience for all, then please do not purchase a ticket.

Where is the venue?

Details on your ticket. We're in Los Angeles.

Where can I park?

We'll have a partnership with Lyft so carpool! But if you drive, please respect neighborhood parking.

Is it a new play this year?

Oh hell yes. It's the Blue Blade Interactive Theatrical Experience!

What should I wear?

VERY IMPORTANT: Very physical show. You will be running, crawling and climbing. Absolutely NO HIGH HEELS, NO MASKS, NO PERSONAL BELONGINGS. Wear nothing that would impede your movement. We can't have anyone carrying their purse or other personal items into the show. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES and CLOTHES so you don't mind getting a bit scuffed and dirty! Seriously! This warning isn't heeded very well every year! Please pay close attention to it!

Are you serving alcohol?

Or any food and/or drink?

Yes! The show begins in a pretty killer lounge/restaurant/nightclub. Come early, stay late, listen to music, drink, eat and share your stories with others! No one under 21 served alcohol of course!

What rules must I follow

while visiting delusion?

We have a few basic rules which must be followed at all times: • We have a deep respect for our actors and crew... and so should you. Anyone deemed disrespectful in any way towards them or the production overall, will be removed from the paly and/or premises with no refund. • Absolutely no cell phones inside the venue you will be REMOVED FROM THE PLAY WITH NO REFUND if you do not follow these rules. You MUST check your belongings at the lounge, or leave them in the car. Enter the world unencumbered. • NO TALKING during the play UNLESS you are engaged in conversation with an actor. • Do not touch any stuntpersons, actors, or staff at any time... UNLESS asked to. • Do not bring weapons, alcoholic beverages, or pets onto the property. • Smoking is strictly prohibited within all areas (including the use of e-cigarettes). (Per LA County Fire Code) • Food and drink must not be taken into the experience, and only food and drink purchased in Fais Do-Do is permitted. The Blue Blade reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to anybody that appears to be intoxicated and to ask for proof of age prior to serving any alcohol. Any person(s) found in possession of alcohol, or who appear to be under the influence of alcohol will be refused admission removed from the experience without right to refund.

How much time should I

allocate for the evening?

ARRIVE EARLY! NO LATE ENTRY WHATSOEVER! You should allow a whole evening seeing how we have a lounge and restaurant with music, food and a killer patio to chill at after the show and enjoy beer or wine! Account for everything from parking, checking in, the lounge, waiting for your show time, THE SHOW, and after... decompression at the lounge!

Is there an age restriction?

The Blue Blade is strictly for guests aged 13+ and The Blue Blade will operate a strict ID policy. To gain access to the experience, ticket holders must produce a valid form of photo identification. Refunds will not be provided to those who are not admitted as a result of failure to provide acceptable identificaiton. Minors must attend with a parent or guardian who must sign an additional waiver before entry.

Is the venue handicap accessible?

Please e-mail to discuss.

Do you have discounts?

Sorry, no discounts.

Can I take pictures or video?

Before the show, sure! While in the show? NO WAY! You MUST check-in your belongings.

How long is the wait in line?

Wait times for your play will vary depending on the night of your visit. Our tickets are timed so there will hopefuly not be too long a wait... but remember that the lounge is PART OF the experience so get there early and stay after... it'll be worth it trust us!

What happens if I break the rules?

The Blue Blade reserves the right to refuse admission and to remove from the experience, in its absolute discretion and without giving any reasons, any person failing to comply with the terms and conditions or whos presence is, in its absolute discretion, a source of danger or disruption and shall have no obligation to give any reason.

Will Delusion close if it rains?

We are open rain or moonshine. In the event of a torrential downpour we reserve the right to reschedule the show for another night OR refund your ticket if all other nights are sold out or cannot accommodate. We will do our best to post an update on the home page of this website in the event of torrential downpour. Be sure to refresh your page for the most current information.

How can I join the crew of Delusion?

E-mail and tell us a bit about yourself and what you're interested in. If you're a performer then e-mail

I have problems with my ticket

can you help me?

Contact us at

Can I change/refund my ticket?

NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS ALLOWED. Tickets are transferable so feel free to make an exchange through a 3rd party. In addition, Delusion reserves the right to remove a person from the premises with NO REFUND if at anytime they feel this person is a danger to others, or disruptive to the theater experience.