Creature Design: Jim Beinke


Attended CalArts from 1981-1983, studying Art Direction in their school of P.A.D.A.T. (Performing Arts Design and Technology). While at CalArts he learned that he could actually make a living doing his true love - make-up effects (the make-up effects boom of the 80s was just beginning), so set design sort of fell by the wayside.

From the mid 80s to early 90s he made the specialty props for the Los Angeles Music Center Opera where he got to work with many illustrious designers like; Gunther Schneider-Simpson, Robert Israel, David Hockney, John & Elizabeth Bury (who won a Tony for their design of ‘Amadeus’), Maurice Sendak (writer and illustrator of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’), and Gerald Scarfe (English political cartoonist who did Pink Floyd’S ‘The Wall’ album cover).