Jon’s career has taken some very interesting turns. He has worked as a film and theater director, a stuntman, an actor, an action coordinator and creative consultant for Disney Imagineering. His work with some of the top directors in the business on titles such as the The Dark Knight Rises, Ironman, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones 4 has helped bring Delusion to life. Jon demonstrates an unusual range of talent and keen ability to deliver a creative vision. He hopes to continue the evolution of the Delusion Universe in other mediums as well.



Carl Choi is a producer and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, with a track record of championing talent and developing communities on the fringes of culture. After graduating from USC’s Marshall School of business, Mr. Choi was one of the early team memebers of Lionsgate Entertainment and in 2012, Mr Choi founded The Great Company (GreatCo), a Los Angeles-based experiential studio that collaborates with IP holders, global brands, and cultural institutions to produce interactive installations and immersive experiences that connect audiences in meaningful ways and transform the perception of time and reality. GreatCo and DELUSION first collaborated in 2017 to produce Horror Rewind, which immersed fans in a guided narrative through scenes from Fox Home Entertainment’s archive of horror & sci-fi films.