Based on the overwhelming success of Delusion, Jon Braver and his madly talented team are now developing exciting original scripts and concepts for film. Their first short film “The Hypnotist” is now complete and is making the rounds in the festival circuit. As well, a film franchise based on the Delusion story is in the works.


Writer and Directed by Jon Braver

Produced by Jackie Kreterfield, Niyia Mack, and Sarah Glendening

Haunted Play Productions Presents a Jon Braver Film “The Hypnotist”

Starring Brandon Wardell, Heidi Rhodes, and Sophia Marzocchi

Music by Siddartha Barnhoorn

Produced by Brandon Wardell

Edited by Will Shivers

Written by Will Shivers and Jon Braver

Director of Photography Chris Faulisi

Production Design by Christopher Reed

Visual FX by Bluespark Studios

Casting by Dasha Kittredge

Make-Up Effects by Adrian Mercato and Noemi Baltazar

Costumes by Cat Elrod